Is Ubertesters A TestFlight Killer?


I have been using TestFlight as my primary testing service across multiple client mobile projects for both Android and iOS for the last two years. After running across Ubertesters, an Israel-based mobile applications testing startup while at AppWorld in San Francisco last week, TestFlight may longer be my “go-to” app testing service of choice. 

Read on to learn why you may want to make the switch to yourself.

Note: I am still in the process of testing Ubertesters myself and will follow up with more edits when I am finished.

Mobile Apps Must Be Tested On The Go

In app feedback controls in action

Mobile applications making use of location and wireless services should be tested by users in the field where they will actually be used, not in an office with perfect internet connectivity and GPS.

Floating in-app feedback button added by Ubertesters SDK

There are a number of failure and error cases which will come up when location-based apps are used by average users (e.g. does your app fail miserably when getting on an elevator or go into Airplane mode?). Ubertesters makes it easy to gather and report such errors with handy floating in-app widgets.

These little “floaty buttons” may be moved around by the user so they aren’t in the way and allow field-testers to instantly take screen shots, annotate them and report bugs or suggest enhancements from inside the running app itself.

Run tests ON the device!

Boilerplate Test Versioning

Ubertesters effectively has the same base feature set as the familiar TestFlight in that you can upload Android and iOS app builds and manage permissions for testers between groups as well as download their client and register your device / receive app downloads.

Recruiting Testers On The Fly

Ubertesters also has a feature (unlike TestFlight) to allow you to recruit mobile testers to take a look at your application.


Integration is standard and straightforward for iOS. Just download their .zip, add the missing frameworks, add their Project ID to your .plist and make the needed modifications to the AppDelegate to kick off the testing platform.

Capture crashes and allow testers to write reports
Capture crashes and allow testers to write reports

Registering Devices

Registering devices works the same way as in TestFlight. Browse to and you will be prompted to install the client.

Try It Yourself

Go sign up for the free beta of Ubertesters and give it a try: