Thoughts On Fasting Part IV – I Lost 40 lbs in Two Months, Now I Want Answers

This is part IV of my series on the topics of Fasting and Intermittent Fasting. Read: Part I, Part. II, Part III for more info.

This blog is going to be a change of pace from the last three, where I mostly covered my background, my journey to fasting, my initial results and some details around my most recent 8 day fast.

This time, I am shifting to something a little darker.

Specifically, after losing 40+lbs in a very short period of time, I am increasingly curious about the following question: Why on earth has no one (aside from a few errant academic studies) told me about fasting before?

Based on the results I am seeing and my personal experience to date: Fasting is the most effective weight loss tool ever. Fasting is cheap, easy, relatively effortless, requires little self control, doesn’t force me to eat food I don’t like and has left me feeling more energetic than I would have expected. 

I have studied exercise, nutrition and weight lifting for my entire life. I have spent thousands of hours in the gym. I have read many books, studies, bodybuilding magazines, encyclopedias, gone to Crossfit, tried the Atkins diet, tested various kinds of protein powders and supplements – you name it – without seeing results remotely like what I am experiencing right now.

I am actually bewildered.

If this is the miracle weight loss cure that I am experiencing, why aren’t there fasting workshops touring the country 24/7, 365? Why isn’t Oprah on screen touting her latest fasting plan? Why isn’t fasting on the front page of every weight-loss and exercise forum on earth?

This fasting shit works.

If anything, fasting has been smeared and stigmatized. This is disappointing because the positive effects I have had are frankly life-changing. The only references to fasting in popular culture dismiss it as “starving” or conflate it with eating disorders such as bulimia. This is completely false and easily disproven with minor research on the history of fasting.

On some level, I am actually somewhat angry that I did not find out about this approach sooner. I want more people like me out there to know that there is a tool like this that gets amazing results, almost instantly. This works, if you have as much trouble losing weight as I have had, you should really give it a try.