Simple REST calls with Arduino over WiFi

Just ported RestClient for Arduino to use WiFi instead of Ethernet. I specifically did this to make it easier for developers to use Intel Edison’s WiFi while doing REST API calls.

I haven’t yet tested an integration but I believe aJSON or equivalent will be really useful for doing anything beyond very basic REST calls here. All I wanted was a way to make some basic REST calls with Edison over WiFi.

While I am short on time, if I get more time I might consider producing a version which support both WiFi and ethernet.


  • In a terminal, browse to the directory in your OS where your Arduino IDE keeps it’s libraries (probably “/Documents/Arduino/libraries”)
  • Run “git clone RestClient” to download the WiFi RestClient into your libraries
  • Restart your Arduino IDE
  • Use “File -> Examples -> RestClient -> simple_GET” to test it
/* RestClient simple GET request
 * by Rex St John

#include "RestClient.h"

char ssid[] = "YOUR_SSID";            //  your network SSID (name)
char pass[] = "YOUR_WIFI_PW";         // your network password
char host[] = "";      // target for your REST queries
int status = WL_IDLE_STATUS;         // the Wifi radio's status

// Create your WiFi RestClient, pass in the ssid and password.
RestClient client = RestClient(host, ssid, pass);

String response;
void setup() {

  // Initiate Serial Connection
  Serial.println("Starting REST client over Wi-Fi");
  if(client.connect() == WL_CONNECTED){
    response = "";
    int statusCode = client.get("/posts/1", &response);
    Serial.print("Status code from server: ");
    Serial.print("Response body from server: ");

void loop(){