Quit Your Programming Job Using AirPair In 3 Easy Steps


Unless you are among the lucky few who work for progressive companies like WordPress, you may have a programming job which requires you to be in your office 5 days a week and sit in hours of traffic both ways.

This guide will show you how to earn industry standard contracting rates  working remote from anywhere using AirPair.

The perks are numerous:

  • Get paid to help cool people work on interesting problems
  • Work from anywhere, even France
  • Get paid competitive industry contracting rates
  • Never worry about finding clients

Step 1: Quit your job

Gutting a fish

 There are a number of ways you can accomplish this task including gutting a fish over TPS reports or just simply cleaning out your cubical and disappearing into the mist without a trace (seriously, I knew a guy who did that).

I suggest being nice about it and not burning too many bridges because these things always have a way of getting back to you.

Step 2: Sign Up With AirPair As An Expert

Sign Up

Go to AirPair.com and sign up as an AirPair expert. Enter a few details about your programming background  and you will be entered into the system.

Step 3: Get Notified When People Need Your Expertise

Beach in France

Now that you are registered, you will receive notifications whenever you are matched with relevant opportunities. People around the world need your expert opinion and knowledge to solve problems they are working on and help them write excellent code.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today.

More About AirPair

AirPair’s mission is to help get people un-stuck, turbocharge the quality and speed at which they develop software and help them write beautiful well structured maintainable code. As an AirPair expert you connect with people around the world needing your help via Google Hangouts and get paid for sharing your deep engineering knowledge.