Mesh Networks: The Next Chapter For Cryptocurrencies?

Wired recently released an article on a newly added iOS capability known as Multi-Peer Connectivity: A network of devices communicating privately to one another over, forming “mesh networks” to share information across short distances. 

[mesh networking allows]…each device to connect directly to others nearby using Bluetooth, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi, or traditional Wi-Fi networks. Because you’re connecting directly with other users, you don’t actually need to be connected over Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

Reading this made me wonder if mesh networks might not be a new realm in which private crypto-currencies might thrive. Part of the potential of Bitcoin was to provide users with the ability to make cash transactions without any government ability to interfere, track, trace or monitor…this has so far not worked out as well as many had hoped.

So whats next?

New currencies have been gaining steam lately with the collapse of Mt Gox…perhaps there are some new ideas that haven’t been explored yet?

Is there potential for someone to create a currency (if it doesn’t already exist) which may be exchanged privately from hand-held device to hand-held device across mesh networks in a manner which is impossible to track? Could mesh networks provide a new frontier for private cash transactions between individuals?

Much the way that the TOR deep web allowed for The Silk Road to (temporarily) thrive, couldn’t people form and arrange private marketplaces across local networks of personal handsets?

I don’t have any answers (or a background in cryptography)…but it is fun to think about.