Getting Wi-Fi with Intel Edison On Yosemite / OSX

Pre-Wi-fi Checklist

  • Make sure you are on an open Wi-Fi network with no HTML login screens
  • Make sure you have BOTH Micro-USB cables plugged into your computer from your Intel Edison + Breakout board of choice (Note: The Micro-USB power cable can be plugged into something other than your computer but the other cable must go into your computer)
  • Nice to have but optional: Make sure the Wi-Fi network you are on has “Isolation Mode” turned off – this will prevent you from pairing your computer with Edison over the local network

Simple Wi-Fi Setup

  1. Plug in two Micro-USB cables from Edison into your computer (Note: Make sure both cables plugged in, not just one). Plug in power first, then the other cable.
  2. Flash your Edison if you haven’t already
  3. Open a terminal / console and type “screen /dev/cu.usbserial” then hit “tab” to autocomplete the port (if you are on Windows you may have to install additional drivers)
    1. Add 115200 -L to the end of that, should look like this:
    2. ex. “screen /dev/ 115200 -L”
  4. Hit “enter”
    1. If Edison is awake and ready to go, you should see a blank screen, hit “enter” two more times to reveal the prompt
    2. Default password is “root”
  5. Now run “configure_edison” or “configure_edison –setup” (note, this is two “-” symbols in a row, not just one)
    1. Follow the instructions to setup your device and scan for a wi-fi connection
  6. Once you have finished, try running “ping” while connected to Edison via the terminal to test connectivity. You should see activity indicating that your Edison is online.