Eating Less Is Significantly Harder Than Not Eating

It is my personal experience that diets focusing on eating less or eating “healthy food” are significantly more difficult to stay on than simple fasting.

What I found to my surprise in my experiments with fasting is that I simply don’t get hungry anymore. Light-headed sometimes, but I can resolve that by eating micronutrients and occasionally a cup of bone broth. I might feel somewhat stirred to eat when surrounded by food, but the urge is completely manageable…unless I take one bite. Once I taste the slice of pizza or other food, I immediately spiral out of control into binge or compulsive eating.

This is why I feel sorry for people who attempt to regulate their calorie intake through self-control. If you eat anything, you are constantly testing your animal instincts. It is only a matter of time before the same mechanisms (a spike in insulin, mouth saliva and appetite) take over and take the decision to eat out of your hands. Millions of years of evolution seem to have tuned us to take full advantage whenever we discover an opportunity to feast.

Fasting solves this problem. The only way to win the game is not to play.


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