Miracles Are Mandatory


The year is 1984, the scene is the unveiling of the first Macintosh computer to a packed Silicon Valley auditorium. A young Steve Jobs has just spent the last 4 minutes demonstrating the future of personal computing in a tour-de-force presentation covering the world’s first (commercially available) consumer PC capable of rich graphics, visual mouse-driven UI, rich media playback and font-faces. 

Seeming to realize that he is about to cause a riot (and barely able to contain his glee), a smirking Jobs steps back from the spotlight with a showman’s flourish and yields the stage his creation: “…today, for the first time ever, I would like let Macintosh speak for itself!” A bag is removed, a screen flickers on and the unmistakeable disembodied mechanical voice of a computer begins to talk: “Hello, I am Macintosh, it sure is great to get out of that bag...”

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