Software is eating the world, and mobile software is eating software

Brace YourselvesMark Andreeson wrote a famous column titled “Software is eating the world” which cautioned strongly that high tech has grown into an unstoppable, job destroying, disruptive machine. His overriding message is simple: If what you are doing can be automated by software, you had better start strapping on a life jacket because you are going in the water and the water is cold.

Of all of that disruptive software, mobile is, by far, the fastest growing segment…mobile is growing 12x faster than the original Internet and that growth is accelerating on an exponential curve. In short, if what you are doing can be done by mobile software, strap on the life jacket because you are going in the water and the water is cold.

Mobile is hard…incredibly hard and not for reasons of complexity, but for reasons of simplicity. Most corporations are incapable of cutting back on features as a result of group think and product management creep…mobile devices are tiny and space is limited so cuts are required.

As a result, many corporations will not survive the mobile shift.

Mobile is about doing fewer things, personalization, limited data entry and timely, smart data which you don’t even have to go digging for. Mobile knows what you want and gives it to you automatically because searching for data on a tiny screen is painful for end users.

Every enterprise software space will be impacted by mobile…if that software is not altogether supplanted by mobile, users will almost certainly expect lighter weight mobile versions of that same software.

In short: The clue phone is ringing off the hook with regards to mobile.