Let’s Call REST APIs with AlamoFire, iOS 8 and Swift

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About Rex St John

I am a mobile software engineer and technical evangelist working for Intel’s Mashery subsidiary. Aside from attending dozens of hackathons, workshops and technical events, it is my job to help developers learn about and engage with REST APIs.

iOS 8 Networking With AlamoFire and Swift

In this article, we will be exploring the basics of REST APIs, learning how to create our first iOS 8 networking application using the AlamoFire library (and using the Swift programming language with Xcode 6). I have written this article to help beginners learn how to interact with REST APIs and learn the basics of iOS 8 development. The GitHub repo for this article is freely available by clicking here.

What are we building?

We are going to be building a basic app to make REST API calls to the JamBase API and display the results in a UISplitViewController. This particular chapter will be primarily concerned with building a very basic networking layer using AlamoFire.
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MHacks Winners



Had a great time at MHacks, now it’s time for IDF in SF.

The next “Saint”

The next Saint: http://www.alexstjohn.com/WP/2014/06/28/next-saint/.


Absolute Blow-Out @ Makerhaus


Intel Internet of Things Hack N’ Tell was a complete blow-out success. We far surpassed our attendance expectations. Thanks to all who showed up and all who presented!