Introducing Kai Kingsley St. John

Originally scheduled for April 6th, my son decided to arrive several weeks early. Welcome Kai St. John to the family 3/22.

Hack Holyoke Social Media Recap

How to purge your Edison image

Step 1: Establish a serial connection to Edison
Step 2: Reset the Edison
Step 3: Hit “Enter” during the boot sequence to interrupt the process
Step 4: Under boot> use “run do-ota” to reboot and reflash

Hardware Weekend PDX Recap

Intel Edison and Cylon.js Guide

It is absolute necessary to update libmraa before running the Cylon.js examples

echo "src mraa-upm" > /etc/opkg/mraa-upm.conf
opkg update
opkg install libmraa0
opkg upgrade

The purpose of this guide is to provide a working Intel XDK IoT Edition project with snippets to help you use 10 of the useful sensors which are packaged by default in the Seeed Studios IoT DevKit.


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Highlights from VTHacks

Solving “Partition failed – Couldn’t unmount disk.” When Flashing Intel Edison on OS X



The getting started instructions for Intel Edison instruct you to open a terminal and delete the contents of /Volumes/Edison. Unfortunately, if you leave the terminal window open while attempting to partition your Edison ,you will see this error. The solution is simple: Close the terminal before trying to partition the disk!