Sharing Wi-Fi with a Gen 2 Galileo Board via USB

Follow these steps to share Wi-Fi from your laptop with your Galileo Gen 2 board.

You will need the following:

Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1: Download + Install Intel XDK
  • Step 2: Download and install Bonjour Browser
  • Step 3: Power on your Gen 2 board and connect it to your PC’s USB slot via the ethernet -> USB adapter like this (make sure you have the Yocto linux loaded SD card in the slot)


  • Step 4: Open System Preferences -> Sharing and select “Internet Sharing.” Before turning it on, make sure to have enabled “USB Ethernet” checkbox.


  • Step 5: Discover your connected Galileo device’s IP address using the Bonjour Browser (listed under “xdk-app-daemon”)



  • Step 6: SSH into your Galileo and prove it has internet:

Simply make some call like “ping” to see if you get a real internet response back.

Intel Galileo GEN 2 Board Unboxing

Galileo Gen 2

Today the “Intel fairy” delivered unto me a set of Intel Galileo Gen 2 boards. Setup instructions were simple and getting up and running was a snap.

A couple pointers: Make sure you plug the power in via the external cable or the Intel Galileo v2 “usbmodem” entry will not appear under the Serial Ports menu. You might be deceived because the board seems to have power when plugged in via USB but you won’t be able to see it in the Arduino IDE drop down menu.

For a full run down of differences, check out this diagram.

Seattle Wearables Hackathon @ WeWork

Back to back hackathons for me this week. Came home last night from ToorCamp (350 mile round trip) and right into a wearable hackathon at WeWork WOOT!

Seattle Wearables

Raffled off a SparkCore device to a lucky winner, congrats Kandarp!

BsXZc3bCMAIy_QUMore to come tomorrow (day 2!)


Mashquatch Survival Hack @ ToorCamp

squatch Congratulations to Franklin Hu for winning the Mashquatch Survival Hack Challenge for his innovation in frozen chimichanga heating: The Solar Death Ray.

Solar Death Ray

Franklin received an Estimote Developer Preview Kit and the coveted Golden Squatch award for survival hackery.