Is Ubertesters A TestFlight Killer?


I have been using TestFlight as my primary testing service across multiple client mobile projects for both Android and iOS for the last two years. After running across Ubertesters, an Israel-based mobile applications testing startup while at AppWorld in San Francisco last week, TestFlight may longer be my “go-to” app testing service of choice. 

Read on to learn why you may want to make the switch to yourself.

Note: I am still in the process of testing Ubertesters myself and will follow up with more edits when I am finished.

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Unit Testing With Android Studio


This article covers the basics of using Android Unit Tests with Android Studio.

Enabling Unit Testing In Android Studio

Many guides out there will encourage you to add some lines  in your “build.gradle” to enable “instrument tests” and also tell you to include the Android testing libraries in your dependencies…

This is completely unnecessary and you won’t need to worry about doing that.

Android Studio supports Android Unit Tests natively and you can enable them by setting a few options in your project configuration.

Note: There are several popular unit testing frameworks such as Robolectric for Android which involve more set up and configuration than what I cover here. I hope to write a guide on that topic in the future.
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Using Genymotion With Charles Proxy

  • In your Genymotion Android emulator…
  • Settings -> Wifi -> Press and hold your active network
  • Select “Modify Network”
  • Select “Show Advanced Options”
  • Select “Proxy Settings -> Manual”
  • Set your Proxy to: (Genymotion’s special code for the local workstation)
  • Set your Port to: 8888
  • Press Save

You should now be able to see Genymotion traffic showing up in your Charles Proxy