Is React Native Cross-Platform Snake-Oil?

Cross platform native UI, you say?

I watched the video on React Native which hit the front page of Hacker News the other day and remain pretty skeptical about the promises being made.

Having built both native iOS and Android experiences (as well as cross-platform applications in Cordova / Phone Gap and Flex 4), I am not sold that the key problems preventing developers from producing a truly unified codebase have been solved (or are likely to ever be solved).

The obsession with attempting to streamline native mobile development is well-placed…I fully understand the pain involved in trying to manage Android and iOS development simultaneously…but React Native isn’t going to alleviate the key problems which cause this pain.

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Introducing “Edison” – A CLI tool for doing simple tasks on Intel Edison

Just published beta v1 of my new Node.js / Commander.js-based CLI tool “edison.” I wanted to give users a way to do something as simple as “edison blink” in order to get started with the board.

In the future I hope to add much more functionality and get others involved in upgrading the tool to automate more common tasks.

Just run “npm install -g edison” on your Intel Edison to install the tool. Then try out “edison blink” or “edison status.” Something seems to be wrong with libMRAA right now so I haven’t gotten my board blinking yet. It’s in beta…

8 months of evangelism, 25 events later

Was compiling some stats from the last 8 months of evangelism work:

Founded two Meetups, took on co-organizer status of a third. Combined, these Meetups now have a membership of 1,500.

Attended 25 events:


Dragon Hacks @ Drexel

Introducing the HackleBox

Check out my new post about the hardware HackleBox

Fixing “Does not appear to be a valid volume name for its file system”

If you are trying to use the terminal in OS X to reformat a volume and you are getting “error: does not appear to be a valid volume name for its file system” – You need to capitalize the name of every letter in the name you are trying to specify like this:

diskutil partitionDisk /dev/disk2 1 MBRFormat "MS-DOS FAT32" EDISON 805.30M