Seattle Wearables Hackathon @ WeWork

Back to back hackathons for me this week. Came home last night from ToorCamp (350 mile round trip) and right into a wearable hackathon at WeWork WOOT!

Seattle Wearables

Raffled off a SparkCore device to a lucky winner, congrats Kandarp!

BsXZc3bCMAIy_QUMore to come tomorrow (day 2!)


Mashquatch Survival Hack @ ToorCamp

squatch Congratulations to Franklin Hu for winning the Mashquatch Survival Hack Challenge for his innovation in frozen chimichanga heating: The Solar Death Ray.

Solar Death Ray

Franklin received an Estimote Developer Preview Kit and the coveted Golden Squatch award for survival hackery.


Software Development Is “Over”


Hipster-driven software development

The Hipster Cycle is not only alive and well in the world of software development, it seems to be the primary mechanism of software development “progress.” The good news is that a lot of ground has been covered, the bad news is everything we know about writing software is wrong. Will we be forever doomed to repeat our mistakes? Probably.

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The next “Saint”

The next Saint: Is Underrated

You can show 1,000 people a video advertisement and 4% of them will click it. Even fewer will actually convert to a sale. That might cost you $24 CPM…not counting how much money it cost to make that video….perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you meet someone in person and tell them that X is cool, why it is cool and they see your excitement…90%+ of them will at least check it out or keep it in mind.  That is why is underrated.

No Question Marks.

Here is what doesn’t work: “Hey, I had this great idea for X, we should work together to schedule this and make it happen…what do you think we should do? Send me your ideas. Lets have a brainstorming meeting about X with three other people. Do you think this is a great idea?

Here is what does work: “X is going to happen in three weeks at this location at 6pm, everyone is coming it is going to be epic. Sign up on this link and bring a cheese pizza.”

Why does version #1 never work? Because you are wasting other people’s time by trying to make them do your thinking for you. People respond better to opt-in / opt-out choices, not fuzzy creative choices. If the vision has a question mark in it, it is a bad vision.