Setting up Intel Edison (with Intel XDK)


Intel Edison is a tiny computer for building compelling #inteliot hardware hacks. This is a quick intro on how to pair Edison with Intel XDK over a local network.

Getting Started Tips:

  • You will need Intel Edison + some kind of mounting board which allows you to SSH into the device / serial into the device to configure Wi-Fi capability
  • This will not work on many public networks (where Wi-Fi “Isolation Mode” is enabled). If isolation mode is turned on, you will not be able to use Bonjour Browser to detect the Edison once it is on the local network and you will not be able to pair it with XDK or SSH into it!

Setting Up XDK

First, download Intel XDK and set it up. Previously, the Intel XDK IoT Dev Kit was not enabled by default and you had to follow the following instructions to make it appear. Note: First browse to your “Applications” folder and cntrl + click on Intel XDK and select “Show Package Contents”:

  • Modify “/Applications/Intel\” to add the cheat code: “-client:projects-create-list:enableIoT” Close it once you have done this. Close and restart. Note, only one “-” symbol in front of the parameter.
  • When you start XDK now, you should see the following option available now:



Getting Edison on Wi-Fi

The instructions for getting Intel Edison on Wi-Fi are here. Again, if you are on a public network with isolation mode enabled, this probably will not work. If you are on OSX, skip to these directions. Further note, if you are using the “mini-board” (pictured above), the Arduino blink sketch will not work so skip it.

Pairing XDK with Edison

Open XDK (assuming you have the IOT dev kit option) and select “IoT Device” in the bottom area after creating a new template project using the above mentioned IoT template.

IOT Template

If both Edison and your computer are on the same local network, you should be able to pair and deploy Node.js code to Edison wirelessly.

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