Getting Wi-Fi with Intel Edison

Here is the impatient person’s guide to getting Intel Edison online:

  1. Plug in two Micro-USB cables from Edison into your computer (Note: Make sure both cables plugged in, not just one). Plug in power first, then the other cable.
  2. Flash your Edison if you haven’t already
  3. Open a terminal / console and type “screen /dev/cu.usbserial” then hit “tab” to autocomplete the port (if you are on Windows you may have to install additional drivers)
    1. Add 115200 -L to the end of that, should look like this:
    2. ex. “screen /dev/ 115200 -L”
  4. Hit “enter”
    1. If Edison is awake and ready to go, you should see a blank screen, hit “enter” two more times to reveal the prompt
    2. Default password is “root”
  5. Now run “configure_edison” or “configure_edison –setup”
    1. Follow the instructions to setup your device and scan for a wi-fi connection
  6. Once you have finished, try running “ping” while connected to Edison via the terminal to test connectivity

DubHacks Wrap-Up

So much win, not only did team LineLight win Mashery’s “Best use of APIs” award at the first ever DubHacks, they also won the grand prize for the entire event using our USA Today and The Guardian APIs!

DubHacks Day 1

Fixing “Retry 0: Got TIMEOUT” With Intel Arduino IDE and Galileo / Edison

This is for OSX specifically, Windows may have a similar issue if you are accidentally using the wrong COM port.

Here is the solution:

If you are using Intel Arduino IDE with either Intel Galileo or Intel Edison and you are getting the following error: “Retry 0: Got TIMEOUT” – it is likely that your IDE has automatically selected the wrong serial port by default.

Click Tools -> Serial Port -> /dev/cu.usbmodemXXXX. There may be several, try a couple of them with the Blink sketch to find the proper one.

Note: Don’t try to use the serial port with naming convention /dev/cu.usbmodel-XXXXXXX (8 characters and a dash).

This may also help for “Retry 0: Timeout on pathname” and “Transfer Incomplete.” This error may occur if you plug in two Micro-USB cables into the Arduino breakout board. The first cable (when plugged into the middle micro-USB port) will reveal a number of ports specifically for use with Arduino. If you plug in a second cable, you will get two more which are useful for getting terminal access to Edison but will confuse Arduino IDE.

Up and running with Seeed Studio Grove Starter Kit Plus and Intel® Edison



This guide will walk you through how to get up and running with Intel® Edison + Arduino and the Seeed Studio Grove Starter Kit Plus. Click here guidance on flashing your Edison (if it is new) to ensure it has the latest software on it.

Required Components

Setting Up

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